​In addition to voting in favor of reducing Board and Council terms, the 2014 House of Delegates (HOD) passed other resolutions that will impact the Association’s governance structure. The HOD met last month in New Orleans, also passing resolutions that will impact members’ practices, the services that the Association provides to members, the AAO budget, strategic planning, and the manner in which business will be conducted during future meetings of the House of Delegates.

Governance Issues
  • The Governance Task Force (GTF) was reappointed for 2014 -15 and will continue studying the AAO’s governance structure.
  • Board and Council terms were reduced.
    • Board terms were reduced from 11 to 10 years with the elimination of the immediate past president seat.
    • Council terms have been reduced from four two-year terms to three two-year terms, effective at the close of the 2015 House of Delegates.
  • The GTF will study the role of constituents and components within the AAO Organizational structure.
  • The House of Delegates and the Board of Trustees will review the AAO governance practices every seven years and the next review will occur in 2020.
  • The GTF will identify opportunities for additional collaboration, communication and cooperation between constituents and components.
  • The GTF will develop criteria for volunteer leadership positions.
  • The GTF will develop a self-assessment policy for the House of Delegates, standing committees and councils to ensure that association leaders are current with association best practices.
  • Effective immediately, the Council on Insurance will be restructured from a council to a Board-appointed committee of five.

Clinical Practice and Practice Management Issues

  • An Affordable Care Act Rapid Response Team will be created.
  • The HOD passed resolutions amending the AAO definition of Medically Necessary Orthodontic Care and updating the AAO TMJ position statement.

View the amended definition of Medically Necessary Orthodontic Care in item #21-14 COHC in the document attached here.
View the updated TMJ statement in item #26-14 COSA in the document attached here.

  • Revisions were made to the AAO Clinical Practice Guidelines. Click on the link below to learn more.

2014 Cllinical Practice Guidelines.pdf

  • The AAO policy* on the Role of Specialists, Overlap of Treatment Between Specialties, and Ethical Practices by Specialists was amended.

View the updated policy in item #18-14 RC in the document attached here.

Membership Needs and Services

  • A senior limited practice membership fee reduction waiver will be established for members meeting specific requirements.  See #25-14 COMEJC in the document attached here.
  • A task force will study the use of the ABO logo on the mylifemysmile.org locator. See #30-14 RC in the document attached here.
  • A Task Force will develop an electronic mentoring program to support the professional development of new members.
  • The Council on Membership, Ethics and Judicial Concerns will evaluate membership criteria and process for orthodontists who have graduated from Commission on Accreditation-accredited programs.


  • The AAO will maintain Average Liquid Reserves equal to 75 percent of the average of the previous three years’ operating expenses. This amount shall be deemed Target Liquid Reserves.
  • Average Liquid Reserves in excess of Target Liquid Reserves shall be deemed Excess Liquid Reserves.
  • When the AAO average liquid reserves for the 12-month period immediately preceding each meeting the of the House of Delegates exceeds the target liquid reserves by more than 2 percent, the Board of Trustees may recommend that the House of Delegates approve a dues rebate of up to 50 percent of excess liquid reserves.

Strategic Planning

  • The Strategic Planning Committee will be an annual standing committee of the Board of Trustees.
  • The House revised the AAO Strategic Plan.

View the complete updated Strategic Plan

House of Delegates Business

  • All non-Bylaws resolutions to the House of Delegates are to be presented to the Board of Trustees 30 days prior to the AAO Annual Session.
  • Non-members may now provide limited Reference Committee testimony upon request of members in attendance and with the consent of the RC.

The document linked here is a compilation of all adopted and rejected 2014 HOD resolutions.