The 2017 AAO Annual Session (April 21-25 in San Diego) will offer a comprehensive management curriculum “designed to address the needs of doctors as well as their employees,” says Dr. Paul McKenna, Orthodontic Team program chair.

The 2017 Annual Session Planning Committee expanded the doctor/staff lecture series schedule that has been part of recent Annual Sessions. This year, the “Mega Trends for Doctors and the Ortho Team” series will run all day from Saturday, April 22 through Monday, April 24, and the morning of April 25.

A highly anticipated lecture in the Mega Trends series will be Maria Bailey’s, “Millennial Moms: 202 Facts Marketers Need to Know.” The lecture will be repeated in the Orthodontic Team Program (All Team series). Ms. Bailey is the author of Millennial Moms: 202 Facts Marketers Need To Know To Build Brands and Drive Sales (Wyatt-MacKenzie 2015). The book, which addresses the priorities of this tech-savvy and relationship-driven group of moms, debuted as an Amazon #1 PR and Marketing “Hottest New Release.”

“Like the Mega Trends series, many of the Team Program lectures will be tailored to the needs of everyone making management decisions and managing patients and processes in a practice,” says Dr. McKenna. The Orthodontic Team Program will repeat many lectures in order to ensure that attendees can easily attend the most sought-after lectures. Among the repeated presentations will be:

  • Mary Beth Kirkpatrick, “Practice Statistics”;
  • Char Eash, “How Your Job Design Creates Profitability for the Orthodontic Practice Today”;
  • Charlene White, “Practice Management”;
  • Roger Levin, “Referral Marketing”;
  • Rosemary Bray, “Bringing Your Practice to the Next Level”;
  • Landy Chase, “Yes to Treatment: The New Skills of Case Acceptance Improvement”;
  • Roger Levin, “Power Systems for Increasing Ortho Referrals and Starts”;
  • Arlen Hurt, “Intraoral Scanners”;
  • Dr. Clark Colville, “The Assistant’s Role in Clear Aligner Therapy.”

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(View 17AS program grid – Staff and Mega Trends to review staff hands-on sessions, lectures in the Orthodontic Team program and Mega Trends lectures.)

Orthodontic Staff Discounts for the 2017 Annual Session

● Each member of the Orthodontic Staff Club may receive a $25 discount on registration.
● Also, all staff members from practices bringing four or more employees to Annual Session are eligible for a 20 percent registration discount when registering by the Early registration deadline.

* If applicable, an individual staff member may qualify for both of the above discounts.