The 2021 AAO House of Delegates meeting will take place virtually Sunday, April 25 starting at 1 p.m. CDT.  As we have done in recent years as part of our commitment to making governance processes visible, the AAO is enabling members to use technology to provide input toward votes that will impact the future of the association.

All members are invited to review and comment on resolutions that will be voted on during the virtual HOD. All comments posted by noon CDT on April 21 will be considered as testimony by the reference committee members prior to the virtual HOD meeting. Among other topics, resolutions pertain to the Consumer Awareness Program and the proposed merger of the Southern Association of Orthodontists and the Southwestern Society of Orthodontists.

In addition, all AAO members are welcome to observe the HOD meeting, which will be livestreamed at the AAO website. The livestream will be added to the following web page prior to the meeting. Please bookmark the page and log in at the start of the meeting if you wish to observe:

If you are a delegate, alternate delegate or other leader who will be participating in the House of Delegates and preliminary meetings but did not receive your schedule package via email, please contact Lisa Chandler at