During 2017, AAO members and their employees received more than 4,700 hours of CE credit via AAO Online Lectures.

Addressing hundreds of clinical and practice management topics, the Online Lectures platform features past live webinars and presentations given during Annual Session and the Winter Conference. An annual subscription may be purchased for $100, and covers Doctors Lectures and Orthodontic Staff Lectures. Order online at: Online Store or call the AAO Order Department at 800-424-2841.

Alternatively, you may purchase lectures of interest individually at $30 pay-per-view. And if your employees are members of the Orthodontic Staff Club, they have free access to Online Lectures.

Presentations in the Business of Orthodontics series are available to all AAO members at no cost. Business of Orthodontics webinars from 2017 are now available on the platform, including:

  • “Why Your Digital Marketing Isn’t Working,” by Dr. Leon Klempner;
  • “Take Ownership of Your Digital Marketing,” by Chris Ratchford;
  •  “Student Loans: Controlling the Cash Flow,” by Andrew Tucker, JD, CPA;
  • “Preparing for Your Practice’s Future,” by Chris Bentson; and
  • “Office Design:  Creating a ‘Wow’ Welcome,” by Joyce Matlack, ASID.

The CE credit test for each lecture may be found by accessing it and then scrolling down slightly below the video screen to the horizontal series of tabs. Click on the CE Information tab (next to Overview). After viewing the lecture, click on the Take Exam tab in CE Information.

Doctors and orthodontic staff who are not seeking CE credit are also welcome to utilize Online Lectures.