The AAO Board of Trustees convened in Minneapolis August 17-19 for its annual planning session and quarterly business meeting. During the planning session, the trustees engaged in intensive self-evaluation and consultant-led group evaluation in order to further develop their effectiveness in managing the AAO’s governance.

During the business meeting the Board reviewed 56 reports from leaders, volunteers, staff and contractors on AAO initiatives and activities that the Board oversees. The Board also took action on numerous proposals, including:

AAO Consensus Conference to Produce White Paper on Sleep Apnea

The AAO will conduct a consensus conference regarding the relationship between sleep apnea and the practice of orthodontics. The goal of the conference will be to produce a white paper including evidence-based guidance that can be used in the practice of orthodontics. The conference, which will take place during 2018-19, will be led by Dr. Rolf Behrents, editor-in-chief of the AJO-DO.

Annual Session Accommodation Options to Expand

Beginning with the 2018 Annual Session (May 4-8 in Washington, D.C.), the AAO will offer a limited number of modestly priced hotel accommodation options for each year’s Annual Session, including some that are beyond the traditional distance from the convention center and for which transportation will not be provided. The AAO contracts blocks of rooms at convention hotels, working with housing partner OnPeak to provide discounts at each hotel. Attendees have access to these discounted hotel rooms via their Annual Session registration confirmation emails.

AAO, American Academy of Pediatrics to Work on Joint Initiatives

The AAO will collaborate with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on initiatives and will help AAP members inform patients’ parents about orthodontic treatment and other oral health issues. Activities will include:
– Advocacy: The AAO will join in the AAP’s Campaign for Dental Health (CDH) political advocacy program.
– Consumer Education: The AAO will have opportunities to promote some of its educational materials in the AAP’s Section on Oral Health Newsletter. Examples include “Problems to Watch for in 7-Year-Olds” and “Prevent Accidents, But Know What to Do if One Occurs.” Also, the AAP may have the opportunity to work with the AAO on consumer education related to National Facial Protection Month in April.

Insurance Link Added to Member Website Home Page

A link is now in place on the home page of the member website,, to make it easier for members to find information about AAO-endorsed business insurance products and malpractice insurance.  Use the AAO Endorsed Insurance link at top center of the home page any time to quickly access insurance resources.

2018 Professional Advocacy Conference to Follow Annual Session

The 2018 AAO Professional Advocacy Conference will be May 8-9 in Washington, D.C. The conference normally takes place in late February in Washington, but was changed to May 2018 due to the Annual Session’s location in the nation’s capital. The Advocacy Conference will begin the afternoon of May 8, just as Annual Session ends, and will conclude the following day after Capitol Hill visits. The conference’s 2017 attendance was one of the largest to date with almost 100 members participating (including approximately 20 residents).

Resident Champion Program to Help Enhance Resident Engagement

Participants in the newly approved Resident Champion Program, including one orthodontic resident at each ADA/CDA-accredited orthodontic program, will serve as communication links between their programs and the AAO. Using communication channels to be developed by the AAO, Resident Champions will share information and feedback with the AAO. They will also help disseminate AAO information to co-residents, and will encourage incoming and other non-member residents to join the AAO.

Virtual House of Delegates Meeting Scheduled in November

The 2017 Virtual House of Delegates meeting will be Tuesday, November 14 at 7:00 pm Central Time. Only delegates are eligible to vote on resolutions presented during the meeting, but all members are welcome to participate. Look for a registration announcement in the eBulletin this fall.

AAO to Increase Support for Graduate Orthodontic Residents Program

The annual Graduate Orthodontic Residents Program (GORP) has begun to face increased costs and reduced dependability of financial support from other sources. To help ensure the continuation of the program, the AAO will increase its ongoing sponsorship to $75,000 per year beginning with Fiscal Year 2018-19.

Task Force to Study Timing, Length of Annual Session

A task force will study the length and timing of AAO Annual Sessions, including the feasibility and desirability of a change from the present Friday to Tuesday schedule to a Thursday/Friday through Sunday/Monday schedule. The task force will include two trustees, a member of the House of Delegates, a member of the Exhibitor Advisory Committee, a member of the Council on New and Younger Members (CONYM), and the chair of the Annual Session Advisory Committee