Serving on the front lines in helping students remain healthy on a day-to-day basis, school nurses have opportunities to intervene in situations related to students’ oral health, and to educate students and parents. To help inform these busy professionals, the AAO recently sent a mailing to school nurses who are members of the National Association of School Nurses, and to nurses at schools that are members of the National Catholic Educational Association and the National Association of Independent Schools.

Topics addressed in the school nurse mailing include:

AAO members are also welcome to download the materials listed above for local outreach to school nurses. Each one is designed to serve as a leave-behind with the “Handling Orthodontic Emergencies in the School Clinic” PowerPoint Presentation for school nurses. To download the presentation and prepared script, click here; then scroll down the page to view the presentation links.

Members may also wish to consider providing local school nurses with the tools and supplies mentioned in the “Handling Orthodontic Emergencies” flier. Building good relationships with school nurses may lead to opportunities to give presentations to classrooms or parent/teacher organizations.