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House of delegates

2021 Book of Reports

If you have questions about resolutions or the HOD schedule, please contact:

Lisa Chandler, Governance Specialist: HOD Logistics, Resolutions, and Reports,
Aimee Snyder-Jackson, VP, Human Resources and Governance,  

2021 Book of Reports Materials

2021 VHOD Supplemental Report to the House

2021 Reference Committee Reports and Summary Chart

2021 Table of Contents

Agenda-April 25, 2021 Virtual House of Delegates

2021 Summary Chart of Resolutions

2020 Actions Taken Chart

2020 Virtual HOD Meeting Minutes

Vote Requirement Chart

Proposed 2021-22 Budget with Summary

Board of Trustees

Delegates and Alternate Delegates

Officers and Committees of the House

Reference Committees

Previous Officer Roster

2021 Officer Reports to the HOD

2021 Constituent Reports to the HOD

2021 Council Reports to the HOD

2021 Committees Reports to the HOD

2021 Other Reports



ALL HOD Reports Due February 15 2021