The American Dental Education Association/Academy for Academic Leadership Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) is for new and mid-career faculty and for private practice dentists who are transitioning to academia. The AAO offers scholarships to the ITL, including full tuition and travel stipends. The deadline for AAO scholarship applications is February 3, 2014.

The following are testimonials from previous AAO scholarship recipients to the ITL:

“This is an essential course for all educators. I wish I had taken it 10 years ago!”
Dr. Sneha Oberoi, Associate Professor, Orthodontics, University of California, San Francisco

“I recommend this program to everyone who is starting to teach and is genuinely committed themselves to dental education. It covers all the basic concepts of teaching in a very friendly and social setting. It’s a great opportunity to meet with colleagues and start networking as well.”
Dr. Sercan Akyalcin, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Dentistry

The ITL takes place in two phases in Atlanta, Georgia: August 14-16, 2014 and October 16-18, 2014. Complete details about the program are available from the Academy for Academic Leadership.
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Direct questions about the ITL to AAL Vice President George Weinstein at or 678-927-9670.