“Back-to-school” means it’s time for community and school outreach. AAO materials offer easy ways to educate and inform parents, school nurses and coaches about how to protect kids’ teeth and what to expect during orthodontic treatment.

Free and low-cost AAO educational items that are useful for orthodontic offices during back-to-school season are outlined below. Log-in will be required to access the fliers and presentations linked below because they are available exclusively to AAO members:

Outreach to school nurses, coaches and parents:
Additional prepared presentations for lay audiences:
    • The Career Day PowerPoint presentation explores orthodontic education and careers and has an accompanying script;
    • The “Your Smile” presentation is ideal for lay adult audiences at school or community meetings and has an accompanying script;
    • The “Healthy Smiles” PowerPoint presentation is available via CD-ROM with an accompanying script – or as a produced video that can be played for the audience. Intended for students in grades 3-8, the presentation is an introduction to orthodontics: How one becomes an orthodontist, what orthodontists do, the kinds of conditions treated, patient responsibility during treatment, what it’s like to visit an orthodontist, parts of braces, and some before/after images. “Healthy Smiles” is available for purchase at the AAO Store for $24.95 for either format. Visit the aaoinfo.org home page; click on Store at the upper right of the page; then, click on CD-ROM/DVDs.

Customize Leave-Behinds with Your Practice Information

The aaoinfo.org pages linked above list and link to recommended leave-behind materials for each presentation.* You may add your name and contact information to each item used as a leave-behind. Before customizing, first please review usage guidelines for customizing items for your practice: the AAO Logo Standards Manual and Guidelines for AAO Members’ Use of Marketing and Communications Materials by Constituents, Components, Groups or Members.
Access Customization and Usage Guidelines

* Recommended materials for the “Your Smile” presentation (the “Problems to Watch for in Growing Children” flier and the “Your Child’s First Orthodontic Check-up” brochure) are also available in Spanish.