Effective October 1, 2015 some payers will begin to require that ICD-10 (diagnostic) coding begin to be included on claim forms.  There are some payers that likely will not require this – at least not until later.  However, the AAO wants our member offices to be prepared in case they are asked for this coding.

If your office has access to version 2012 of the ADA claim form you will have accomplished most of what you need to do in order to be prepared.  If your office files electronically, make sure that your practice management software includes the 2012 version of the claim form and that you have the ability to populate boxes 34 and 34a of the form.  If you file claims manually, you will need to be sure to have a supply of the 2012 forms on hand.  These forms can be ordered via the ADA Store. (http://ebusiness.ada.org/productcatalog/findproduct.aspx?q=2012+claim+form&header_0%24globalbar_0%24btnSearchGlobal)

The AAO has prepared a specialized guide, the ICD-10 coding crosswalk that will provide you with the ICD-10 codes needed for use in box 34a of the claim form.

We recommend that you do not begin to include the ICD-10 coding until individual payers begin to request it.  Many of the payers do not have their claims adjudication systems programmed to accept this yet.

Please contact awiltsch@aaortho.org with any questions about ICD-10 coding.