The House of Delegates (HOD) will meet on May 4, 2018 and May 7, 2018 in Washington, D.C. during the AAO Annual Session. Prior to Annual Session, members are encouraged to review and comment on resolutions that delegates will discuss, revise and vote on, impacting the future of the AAO.

“The AAO is a member driven organization and the HOD sets policies,” says Dr. Steven Siegel, AAO trustee for the Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists. “This is your opportunity to influence the direction of our association. Member involvement is critical to the success of fulfilling our mission, vision and strategic initiatives.

“The 2017 HOD passed a resolution directing that all AAO members be given the opportunity to comment online on all pending resolutions before the 2018 HOD,” adds Dr. Siegel. “All resolutions are available on the AAO member website and a new tool is in place to help everyone find resolutions of interest and comment on them. The intent of this new policy is for the AAO to become more transparent with you, our members, and involve you in the resolutions that affect your professional lives.”

All member comments on resolutions will be visible on the platform with the author’s name and will be monitored by the Speaker of the House of Delegates, Dr. Michael Foy, and by Kevin Dillard, AAO general counsel. The AAO reserves the right to remove a statement if it is deemed inappropriate.  Comments will be distributed to the appropriate House of Delegates reference committee at the time the reference committee convenes.

“There are three reference committees* (RCs) that convene prior to the HOD taking action on pending resolutions,” says Dr. Siegel. “It is important to note that your comments will be considered as written testimony and, along with the oral testimony delivered during reference committee hearings, may influence House action and the direction of the AAO.”

HOD Will Vote on Proposed AAO Strategy Map

Dr. Siegel recommends that every member review Resolution # 15-18 BT, the proposed AAO Strategy Map.

“This strategy map was developed by the Global Strategic Planning Committee (GSPC), a group of diverse and representative AAO stakeholders,” he says. “The Global Strategic Planning Committee includes delegates, councils, constituents, vendors, manufacturers, industry consultants and new and younger members. The proposed new strategy map represents several important changes in the AAO’s strategic direction, including revised mission and vision statements, an articulation of the AAO’s core values and the creation of new goals and objectives for the organization. I would encourage each of you to review the strategic map and comment on the map and the three strategic priorities.”

Reviewing and Commenting on 2018 House of Delegates Resolutions
  • Click here to access the resolution review and comment portal
    (Log-in is required, with the user name and password that you use to access member content on
  • If you prefer to return later and access resolutions via the home page, simply click on the box near the upper left of the home page that says, “2018 House of Delegates – Review and Comment on Resolutions.
  • After accessing the portal, quickly find resolutions related to topics that interest you by entering keywords into the SEARCH box.
  • Click on the title of any resolution of interest.
  • To comment, scroll to the bottom of the resolution page, complete all required fields with the information requested, and then type your comments in the text box.

* Reference Committee 1 considers resolutions that require a bylaws change. Reference Committee 2 considers resolutions that affect policy and Reference Committee 3 considers resolutions with a budgetary implication.