Join the AAO Mentoring Program for a rewarding opportunity to learn from a mentor whose journey is complementary to yours. Our online interface makes mentoring easy and intimidation-free, complete with tools and resources to connect you with the right person and guide your mentoring relationship.

Join the AAO Mentoring Program! Here are 5 great reasons to connect with a mentor:

1. Seek guidance from an experienced orthodontist. Whether you’re starting on a new path, accomplishing a goal, or facing an obstacle – odds are that an experienced orthodontist has been there and can offer insight to help you accelerate the learning curve and avoid potential mistakes.
2. Invest in your professional development. A mentor can help you clarify your goals and identify the skills and resources you need to be successful. They may teach you what you need to know or advise you on where to go for information.
3. Gain new insights and perspectives. A mentor can be a “sounding board” to test your ideas and decide on the best course of action. They can provide constructive feedback and help you see opportunities and challenges from a different perspective.
4. Receive encouragement and support. A mentor invests their time, energy, and expertise to help you make progress toward your goals and overcome challenges. Their encouragement and support can motivate and inspire you to keep going even when things get overwhelming.
5. Cultivate meaningful professional relationships and friendships. Your mentoring connections have the potential to evolve into lasting friendships with mutual mentoring and ongoing professional support.

Register for our next cohort beginning on Friday, October 18th. Participation is limited and will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. To learn more about the AAO Mentoring Program and request to join, visit