The AAO recently sent orthodontic and dental emergency reference materials to nearly 10,000 public school nurses nationwide and to nearly 5,000 Catholic school administrators. Each recipient received a packet with a message from Dr. Gayle Glenn, AAO president, and two fliers published by the AAO: “Handling Orthodontic Emergencies” * and “Dental Trauma – Prevent Accidents but Know What to Do If One Occurs.” **

Dr. Glenn recently received a thank-you note for the package from school nurse Donna Mansolillo, RN SNT of Richmond Elementary School in Wyoming, RI. Ms. Mansolillo (quoted by permission) wrote:

“Thank you for your timely mailing. I will use the documents and post them on my bulletin board. I have the last set you sent on my bulletin board as I write this e-mail.  The printed information and photographs are very explicit and make me realize I can be more resourceful than I think I am. I appreciate that your organization thought of the school nurses in Rhode Island!”

* The flier describes how to address discomfort related to orthodontic appliances as well as more serious situations including loosened wires, bands or brackets. Click on the title above to view the PDF.

 ** The flier encourages the use of mouth guards for many activities and also explains what steps should be taken in cases of broken, loosened or knocked-out teeth. Click on the title above to view the PDF.