The 2018 Annual Session lecture, “Respectful Workplace Conversations: Resolving the War of Words between Doctor/Staff; Staff/Staff; Doctor/Patient,” by Jacqueline Huggins, PhD will have space for 500 participants. Registrants may now reserve tickets to the lecture at Annual Session registration online.

The three-hour program, to be presented starting at 8 am Saturday, May 5, is part of the Mega Trends series for doctors and orthodontic staff.
“In developing the 2018 Annual Session continuing education, the Planning Committee wanted to do some re-imagining of topics and how lectures are presented stylistically,” says Dr. Sheldon Seidel, serving as 2018 Orthodontic Staff Program co-chair along with Dr. Normand Boucher. “Dr. Huggins uses an interactive format and will respond to texted questions during the program, which is something many of our members have requested. The program will include breakdown into small group discussions.”

The Annual Session lecture schedules list the Mega Trends series in the Orthodontic Staff Program grid; however, Dr. Seidel emphasizes that content in the series, including Dr. Huggins’ program, will be relevant for both doctors and staff.

“Dr. Huggins will guide us through an exploration of a way to approach the workplace that is very different from how most of us view it,” says Dr. Seidel. “We think the program will have a big impact and that those who participate will feel differently and interact differently with people after they return to work.”
An organizational effectiveness consultant and corporate training program developer, Dr. Huggins teaches individuals and organizations how to improve thought processes and implement organizational procedures that lead to positive change.  On Saturday afternoon, May 5, Dr. Huggins will present a second, reserve-ticketed lecture in the Mega Trends series, “The Generation Gap:  Bridging the Divide.”

To view the complete Mega Trends lecture schedule, view the Annual Session Orthodontic Staff program.