The AAO Component Support and Leadership Development Committee has announced that registration is open for the 2018 Leadership Development Conference. The conference will be Thursday, February 8 at the Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The conference is open to constituent and component presidents-elect, or fellow officers whom they have designated to attend.

“This meeting is an updated version of the former President-Elects Conference,” said Dr. Ken Dillehay, the AAO trustee representing the Southwestern Society of Orthodontists and chair of the Component Support and Leadership Development Committee. “We will cover many topics helpful to newly elected leaders, such as how to run a meeting, recruitment of volunteers, legal responsibilities, advocacy, marketing and AAO resources. In addition, we will have in-depth discussion of effective leadership.”

Leaders who participate in the conference may elect to stay in Scottsdale for the 2018 Winter Conference with the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry, “Early Orthodontic Treatment:  Working Together for Excellent Results (February 9-11). In appreciation of their service, each Leadership Conference participant will receive a $100 discount off the Winter Conference registration fee.
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(Please confirm your eligibility to attend by checking the criteria listed in the second paragraph of this article.)

The Leadership Development Conference will take place every year. Between conferences, constituent and component leaders and other AAO volunteers are encouraged to use the new online Leadership Network. The network, which is available to all AAO members, is a centralized repository of many types of information and resources that the Component Support and Leadership Development Committee identified as being helpful to leaders and volunteers at all levels.
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Members of the Component Support and Leadership Development Committee who worked with Dr. Dillehay and AAO staff on the planning of the Leadership Development Conference include Dr. Frank Beglin of Carson City, Nevada; Dr. Charles Chance of Sweetwater, Tennessee; Dr. Gary Inman, trustee representing the Southern Association of Orthodontists; Dr. Valerie Martone of Beaver, Pennsylvania; Dr. Carolyn Melita of Belmont, Massachusetts; and Dr. Steven Siegel, the trustee representing the Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists. The committee also includes two members with extensive experience in constituent organization management: Sharon Hunt, who retired as executive director of the Southern Association of Orthodontists, and Debbie Nunner, director of the Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists.