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AAO Member Interest Groups

Connect, collaborate and grow with AAO Member Interest Groups – peer-to-peer collaboration groups focusing on shared interests by AAO members like you. Member Interest Groups are designed to address relevant member needs and identify resources that can support each group for the good of all AAO members.

Current topics:

  • Craniofacial & Special Care Orthodontics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Practice-Based Research
  • Leadership Development

Want to propose a new topic? Complete the Member Interest Group request form for future consideration.

How do Member Interest Groups work?

AAO Member Interest Groups support orthodontists through both virtual and in-person collaboration, networking and education. Once you identify a group (or groups) that’s of interest to you, simply request to join the Member Interest Group Facebook groups to maintain regular, ongoing collaboration with your peers. Get even more from your experience by participating in occasional in-person (Annual Session) and virtual meetings. Learn more about each group below.

Craniofacial & Special Care Orthodontics

Supporting orthodontists who provide care to patients with cleft lip and palate, other craniofacial conditions, or special healthcare needs. (Chair: Dr. Kristen Lowe; Vice-Chair: Dr. Ilana Ickow; Staff Advisor: Kathy Langenfeld)

Human Resources Management

Helping orthodontic employers maintain successful HR practices while navigating staffing-related challenges. (Chair: Dr. Enrique Cruz; Vice-Chair: Dr. Doug Depew; Staff Advisor: Kathy Langenfeld)

Practice-Based Research

Fostering practice-based research among AAO members and academic institutions. Website. (Chair: Dr. Sath Allareddy; Vice-Chair: Dr. Greg Huang; Staff Advisor: Jackie Hittner)

Leadership Development

Supporting orthodontists currently involved or interested in AAO leadership opportunities. (Chair: Dr. Spencer Pope; Vice-Chair: Dr. Kelton Stewart; Staff Advisor: Kathy Langenfeld)