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Diversity is strength.

We believe that diversity is a strength. Ensuring the involvement of our diverse membership will make the AAO stronger and more cohesive. We are committed to drawing on the differences in who we are, our experiences, and how we think to better serve and represent our organization, our members, our communities, and our patients.

Get involved.

Inspire change by getting involved. Volunteer your time or your story, because we’re better together.

Proudly supporting and inspiring diverse members within the AAO.


Increase representation of the underrepresented groups throughout our membership, involvement, and speaker lineups.


Foster inclusion and engagement to build a culture of belonging by developing pathways to leadership.


Develop and implement a short and long-term roadmap towards a more equitable and inclusive association.

Support and Inspire.

Developing pathways for you.

Work to support and inspire diverse groups within the AAO by helping to develop tools and pathways to leadership.

Identify obstacles.

Overcoming obstacles.

Identify obstacles for involvement in the AAO and make recommendations for change.

Address needs.

The pillars of change.

Identify the unique needs and issues that face diverse orthodontists and implement plans to address these needs.

Women’s Orthodontic Network

networking. leadership. education. for everyone.

As an extension of the Special Council of Women Orthodontists (SCWO), the Women’s Orthodontic Network (WON) works to equip female orthodontists with tools to address barriers unique to them. From promoting pathways to engagement and leadership to establishing learning and networking opportunities, WON advocates for female orthodontists.

“We are looking forward to working with the new Inclusion and Engagement Task Force as it explores ways to support all diverse AAO members.”
Dr. Valerie Martone
1 in 3
AAO orthodontists are women.

Network with your female colleagues in Boston at Annual Session 2021.

Join us in Boston for the Women Orthodontists Networking Session (WONS) and Featured Speaker Series on Saturday, June 26, 2021 from 9:15-10:15am. Keynote speaker Joanne Lipman, author of “That’s What She Said,” will discuss navigating the unconscious bias. Secure your ticket during the Annual Session registration process.

Starting the conversation: A podcast series spotlighting issues important to women.

The Special Council of Women Orthodontics (SCWO) was formed to recognize the unique needs and issues women orthodontists face. Through thoughtful conversation, the SCWO has identified topics you’ll find informative, ranging from stress management to unconscious bias in the workplace. Over the next few months, we invite you to meet inspirational leaders in various industries and find encouragement through their own stories and triumphs.