As previously reported, the AAO’s “Almost Right” Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) campaign continues to reach prospective patients in the United States and Canada through various digital platforms. Through a series of unconventional videos featuring the “almost-right” person, the AAO is communicating to the public the importance of the seeing an orthodontist – the “definitely-right” person to provide orthodontic treatment.

In the most recent advertisement placed by the AAO, a group of children aboard a school bus ride down a quiet residential street. Suddenly, the bus driver hits the gas, and his passengers fly about as the bright yellow bus barrels forward. The bus catches air as it travels over a hill before skidding around a corner and reaching the next stop. Two bewildered children stare on from the curb, uncertain about whether to board this crazy ride to school.

You likely wouldn’t see many racecar drivers at the helm of a school bus – and for good reason. Because, as the commercial states, “There’s the almost-right person and the definitely-right person. For orthodontics, see an orthodontist.” This dramatized representation of the “Almost-Right” person demonstrates the importance of seeing an orthodontic specialist to the general public.

Other videos in the series include an auctioneer who announces numbers in a bingo hall where none of the participants can keep up with his quick delivery. And in the second video of the series, a woman seeking a makeover unwittingly finds herself seated next to a poodle in a sort of hybrid spa/dog groomer.

Of course, orthodontists are specialized in properly aligning teeth and jaws and possess extensive dental training to give patients their best smile. Or, to put it differently, orthodontists are the “definitely-right” person for orthodontic treatment.

Since this campaign was launched in May of this year, these videos and other accompanying advertisements in the series have been well-received by our online audience, resulting in millions of impressions and engagements (the number of times an ad was commented on, liked, clicked or shared.)

In total, this campaign has been viewed over 57 million times since May of this year, including nearly 18 million views of campaign videos. Perhaps most notably, these impressions and views have yielded over 2.8 million engagements so far. Additionally, nearly 1.4 million consumers visited the AAO consumer website after viewing an “Almost-Right” advertisement online.

2020-21 CAP Drove a Total of 4.8 Million Consumers to AAO Consumer Website
The AAO’s Consumer Awareness Program is the only mass-market campaign designed to introduce the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Key to the campaign – particularly in today’s world of direct-to-consumer everything – is to promote the importance and value of receiving care from qualified professionals, namely, orthodontists.

The digitally focused effort uses a wide range of free and paid tactics to drive traffic to AAO’s consumer-facing website, In FY20-21 alone, CAP ads drove over 4.8 million consumers to the AAO consumer website. We continue to post to major social media channels on a regular basis with informative, entertaining and engaging content.

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