During AAO’s Leadership Conference in Orlando last month, nearly 200 messages to Congress were sent from residents and orthodontists asking to support policies to ease the burden of student loan debt, specifically impacting graduating orthodontic residents by deferring student loans interest-free until residency is completed. The average graduating orthodontic resident today owes approximately $428,150 in student loan debt. This message to Congress is making a difference, and with your help now, we can keep that momentum going!

Please lend your voice to this AAO advocacy campaign now so Members of Congress can hear directly from YOU! It’s quick and easy to do: click here to ask your Representative and Senators in Congress to support policies to reinstate interest deferment until orthodontic residency is completed, including the bipartisan Resident Education Deferred Interest (REDI) Act (HR 4122). If passed, the REDI Act would allow medical and dental residents to defer their student loans interest-free while in residency, saving them tens of thousands of dollars in interest.

REMINDER:  Make your AAOPAC contribution now at AAOPAC.org  and receive your invite to the 2022 Professional Advocacy Conference in Washington, DC, April 5-6. Registration is open and space is limited!