On World Orthodontic Health Day, May 15, the AAO issued a press release to highlight its dedication to improving the health of the public by promoting quality orthodontic care, the importance of oral health care and its impact on overall health. The release provided examples of how the AAO has worked with lawmakers at the state and federal levels to make a difference, with recent successes on key issues throughout the country.

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AAO members engaged in grassroots efforts on World Orthodontic Health Day this week, with outreach to Congress asking for support of policies that give patients greater control of their healthcare decisions and spending through tools such as flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs).

Specifically, the current $3,200 FSA cap is an artificial limit and is considered too low compared to healthcare needs of most families and consumers. Furthermore, the current structure penalizes larger families by failing to consider their increased healthcare costs for additional dependents.

“AAO members advocating through grassroots engagement in states and at the Federal level matters and continues to make an impact,” said Nathan Mick, AAO Vice President of Federal and State Advocacy. “We will continue working hard and making a difference through the leadership and voices of our AAO members who care deeply about the profession, the safety of patients and access to care. Oftentimes policy must keep up with a changing world to protect patients, and on this World Orthodontic Health Day, we hope we can draw attention to this work.”

About World Orthodontic Health Day
World Orthodontic Health Day, which takes place each year on May 15, was introduced by the World Federation of Orthodontists in 2017. The observance is an opportunity to spread positive messages about orthodontic treatment and interact with people of all ages who are interested in beautiful, healthy smiles.

The 2024 World Orthodontic Health Day theme is “Changing Lives One Smile at a Time.” WFO affiliate organizations, member practices and university programs worldwide typically engage their communities on the benefits of orthodontic treatment on World Orthodontic Health Day. Social media outreach, local media interviews and celebratory and educational events take place in many countries and regions.