Thank you to every 2022 AAO Political Action Committee contributor, whom we recognize here. It’s time now to make a difference through AAOPAC in 2023!  Your support helps fuel our advocacy efforts not only in Washington, DC but in states throughout the country. 

As we enter the 118th Congress, we continue working to make a difference on issues like workforce shortages; taking on dental insurance reform (Medical Loss Ratio); offering solutions for student loan debt; addressing mail-order orthodontic patient health and safety concerns; and so much more. Your support through AAOPAC makes all the difference. 
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How is AAOPAC Successful for AAO members and AAO Advocacy?

The AAOPAC follows a strategic approach known as Pillars of Giving to contribute to members of Congress who support our federal and state priorities, on a bi-partisan basis. Under the Pillars of Giving guidelines, recipients of contributions must meet stringent AOAPAC criteria including:

  • Alignment with AAO Mission and Values: Rooted in our vision, giving should represent excellence in inclusive care for public health that is driven by data, supported by AAO members, and contributed to ethical candidates who demonstrate consistency with AAO-supported values.
  • Supports AAO Issue Priorities: Candidates should align with AAO priorities, have potential to support our issues, or be neutralized through our efforts to advocate and educate for change.
  • Influential Change Agent: Leaders for change and rising stars able to make a difference will be a priority
  • AAO Maintains Balanced Giving: To drive for sustainability in our success, we are mindful of balanced, bipartisan giving, absent of extreme partisan swings, no matter the political dynamics of the cycle.

Why Should You Give?

  1. YOU ARE MAKING AN IMMEDIATE IMPACT FOR YOUR SPECIALTY + PATIENT HEALTH & SAFETY: Every contribution to AAOPAC is an investment in the AAO’s work in terms of federal regulation, priorities on Capitol Hill and a link back to our state advocacy efforts. Federal lawmakers influence not only regulatory issues in Washington, but their political influence and relationships in the states they represent can also make a big difference for our local advocacy priorities.


    “That connection to state policymakers is critical to the AAOPAC
    process and helps tie the AAO’s relationships in Washington, DC to our influence on growing state advocacy priorities like workforce issues and teledentistry,” said AAOPAC Chair Dr. Clark Colville.

  3. AAOPAC CAN ONLY BE SUCCESSFUL WITH YOUR CONTINUED HELP: There is strength in numbers and AAOPAC’s best chance for continued success is strong support from AAO members like you. AAOPAC only uses members’ personal contributions (not membership dues) to fund political donations, using the Pillars of Giving criteria described above to select recipients.

    While we encourage you to learn all you can about the wide range of policy issues facing orthodontists, your financial support of AAOPAC today will allow your AAOPAC Board and AAO advocacy team to stay on top of the everchanging politics of healthcare and challenges for small businesses. When it comes to government, our specialty can be impacted at the stroke of a pen. We want to be at the table with an ability to positively influence those decisions for AAO members and patients.

  4. JOIN THE CLUB: While AAOPAC contributions do so much to help advance our advocacy priorities, the reality is less than 400 contributors currently shoulder the giving responsibility for nearly 15,000 AAO members eligible to contribute to AAOPAC. That is 2.5% of AAO members making a difference through advocacy for 100% of our specialty.

    We can all do more, and the stakes have never been higher. Join your AAO colleagues to contribute to AAOPAC now, adding your own value to help fuel advocacy work on your behalf!

  5. FREE COFFEE AND SNACKS AT AAO ANNUAL SESSION 2023 IN CHICAGO: All AAOPAC contributors will have access to the AAOPAC Lounge in the exhibit hall at Annual Session 2023, April 21-24 in Chicago. The Lounge is a place for you to get your free coffee, water, tea, and snacks each morning, take a break and charge your phone, and catch up with other AAO members.