Policy on Surveys Form

The following policy was adopted by the Board of Trustees in 1989, and provides that

All surveys of AAO members whether conducted by staff, councils, committees, constituents or components shall be reviewed by appropriate staff, approved by the Executive Director and legal counsel and forwarded to the Board of Trustees or its designated committee for approval prior to distribution.

There are many reasons for this policy.  From an organizational standpoint, it is important that the efforts of all AAO Councils, Committees, and Constituent and Component Organizations are coordinated.  The initial review by appropriate staff and approval by the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees permits this process to occur.  Thus, for example, any overlap with other surveys or redundancy in relation to earlier or planned surveys can be determined.

In addition, it is important to have the input from the Board and Staff as to the content of surveys.  In many cases, their experience with their respective groups allows for suggestions that improve surveys.

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