The AJO-DO has published a special article addressing scientific issues and recommendations pertaining to aerosol-generating procedures in orthodontic offices during the COVID-19 pandemic. The article, “Minimizing the Aerosol-Generating Procedures in Orthodontic in the Era of a Pandemic:  Current Evidence on the Reduction of Hazardous Effects for the Treatment Team and Patients,” (July 16, 2020) is by Drs. Theodore Eliades and Despina Koletsi.

The authors reference more than 25 years of research on pathogen loads resulting from aerosol forming dental procedures, including some studies that addressed orthodontic debonding. In their article they detail current approaches to reducing pathogens potentially released into the air during bonding and debonding, address the use of preprocedural mouth rinses and examine handpiece usage concerns, among other issues.

View the article by Drs. Eliades and Koletsi.