Join the AAO in an anti-bullying campaign and influence young people to commit to being part of the solution to help eliminate bullying. For the sixth year, the AAO will observe National Bullying Prevention Month in October, which will coincide with National Orthodontic Health Month.   

Bring theBullying Bites Campaign to Your Practice and Community 
To make it easy for you and your team to join the Bullying Bites campaign, the AAO provides creative, easy-to-use resources. 

Click here to access the downloadable resources.
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Click here to purchase the Bullying Bites awareness kit from the AAO store.

Also, include #bullyingbites to share your practice’s National Bullying Prevention Month social posts with the AAO. 

WHAT TO DO:  Spread the message on social media, display stickers, posters and flyers in your office.
When:  Throughout October 
Downloadable Resources:  

WHAT TO DO:  Sign the Pledge. Distribute the printable pledge in your office, encouraging everyone to sign. 
When:  Throughout October 
Downloadable Resources:  

WHAT TO DO:  Go Orange on October 18, 2023 for Unity Day.  You can send the AAO’s t-shirt template to a local printer to produce orange shirts for your team to wear, or get creative and design your own!  Either way, please be sure to show us your orange shirts and designs by using #bullyingbites when sharing. 
When:  October 18 for Unity Day 
Downloadable Resource: 

WHAT TO DO:  Give Back 
When:  Throughout October 
Select related charities in your community or a national organization. We recommend considering financial support of Stand for the Silent or the AAO Foundation Donated Orthodontic Services Program (which you may also support as a provider volunteer). 

Celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month
In addition, new materials for National Orthodontic Health Month, also celebrated in October, are available. The new direction of NOHM fliers, posters and social media content makes it possible to use the materials year-round.
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