October is National Orthodontic Health Month (NOHM). The observance is a celebration of healthy, beautiful smiles, the benefits of orthodontic treatment and an educational opportunity for good oral health.

National Bullying Prevention Month coincides with NOHM. In combination with encouraging members to join in an anti-bullying campaign for National Bullying Prevention Month, the AAO continues to engage in NOHM outreach and provides NOHM materials for member use.

This year’s NOHM collection takes a different approach than in the past:  Rather than including many Halloween-themed tie-ins, 2023 materials are intended to be usable throughout the year. Members are welcome to share the entertaining and informative messaging to help spread the word about how orthodontic treatment from an orthodontist will result in a healthy, beautiful smile.

Click below to learn more and access fliers, posters and formatted social media posts addressing topics such as adult treatment, the importance of an orthodontic visit by age 7, treatment options and the importance of orthodontic treatment for maintaining good oral health. All items are free and downloadable for members.

Explore National Orthodontic Health Month resources.
(Members can access materials by logging in and scrolling down the linked page to National Orthodontic Health Month.)

Members are also welcome to share information from the AAO consumer website,
aaoinfo.org. Current content that ties into the new NOHM visual materials includes:

Child Orthodontics
Common Orthodontic Problems