At the AAO, we believe that diversity is our strength. Bring your strength to help the AAO by applying for the 2022 AAO At Large Trustee position! The AAO Board of Trustees is looking for 1 to 2 new members who will bring diverse viewpoints and strengthen their team! 

Why do we need your strength?

  • When an association board reflects the diversity of the membership it serves, the organization will have more connections to the community and its needs.
  • A diverse board will improve the association’s ability to respond to external influences that are changing the environment for those served and in which it is working.
  • Better decision-making: A diverse collection of board members enable the board to have a broader perspective and capacity to identify the full range of opportunities and risks.

If you are interested in serving in this capacity, we hope you will take time to complete and return the application with a curriculum vitae via email to Aimee Snyder-Jackson at [email protected] or via mail to the AAO headquarters.

The deadline for receipt of applications is January 15. Finalists will be selected and interviewed by the Board of Trustees in late March via Zoom. At-large trustees will be appointed for up to a three-year term.

These are some of the qualities the Board will be looking for in an at-large trustee:

  1. Have a demonstrated ability and possess the following basic leadership skills:
    1. The ability to lead and motivate volunteers; managing is secondary
    1. Long term horizon in their thinking; should have strategic thinking skills
    1. Work within a team setting by looking into the future with a shared vision
    1. Ability to inspire and empower both volunteers and staff
    1. Build teamwork among peers and different needs and interests
  2. Ability to guide the Association in the future through a shared vision.
  3. Understand the difference between “governing” and “managing.”
  4. Ability to guide peers from micromanaging to leadership governance.
  5. Demonstrated leadership commitment through past or current involvement with orthodontic, dental, and other nonprofit entities including local community organizations.
  6. Relevant expertise in the disciplines of nonprofit management including branding, fundraising, component/constituent relations, international and organizational alliances.
  7. Possess sufficient technological expertise, including the use of social networks, file sharing programs, email, text, video conferencing and other electronic communication tools.
  8. Supports routine performance feedback by fellow board members and reports of performance to constituent organization.
  9. Understands that the time commitment required includes the following, but not limited to:
    1. Three meetings per year in St. Louis (two nights, three days in September, November and February)
    1. One (1) Board Planning Session held in the summer (three nights, four days)
    1. Ten (10) days at the AAO Annual Session
    1. Attendance at the ADA Annual Session, AAO Winter Conference, Advocacy Conference, and Leadership Conference
    1. Evening and/or daytime conference calls as required
    1. Subcommittee work using electronic communication tools
    1. Attendance at constituent ad interim and fall meetings
  10. Ensure that the views and interests of each party are honestly and accurately communicated between parties.
  11. Advocate for the values, intents, and interests and actions of the AAO.