The updated AAO resource, CDT 2023 “At-A-Glance,” has been posted on the member website and is available at no cost to AAO members. An initiative of the AAO Council on Orthodontic Benefits (formerly Council on Orthodontic Health Care), the resource includes information from the American Dental Association coding guide that is specific to orthodontic treatment.

As previously reported, the ADA’s Code Maintenance Committee (CMC), approved numerous changes to its Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature (CDT Code) for 2023. The updates include four changes submitted by the AAO Council on Orthodontic Benefits:

Deletion of D0351 3D photographic image and addition of four separate 3D “surface scan” codes:

  • D0801             3D dental surface scan – direct
  • D0802             3D dental surface scan – indirect
    A surface scan of a diagnostic cast
  • D0803             3D facial surface scan – direct
  • D0804             3D facial surface scan – indirect
    A surface scan of constructed facial features

Revision of D0393, the new nomenclature of which reads “virtual treatment simulation using 3D image volume or surface scan”

Revision of the Orthodontics section preamble, which reads in part, “A patient may require more than one limited or comprehensive procedure depending on their particular problems.”

Revision of D9450, which removed the prior limitation that the case presentation be “not performed on same day as evaluation.”

Access the CDT 2023 “At-A-Glance” Guide

(The above link provides direct access to the guide. It may also be accessed via the Insurance Claims Resources page, which offers a variety of information, webinars and tips for you and your team.)