On January 5, Dr. DeWayne McCamish concluded his leadership and executive duties with the AAO by offering to match (up to his legal limit of $5,000) member donations to the AAO’s Political Action Committee (AAOPAC). Dr. McCamish was the 2016-17 president of the AAO and served as interim executive director for the last eight months of 2017.

U.S. members were advised of Dr. McCamish’s Match offer via an email message, and many responded by the January 31 deadline. The Match offer raised a total of $33,234, including Dr. McCamish’s $5,000 contribution.

“I very much appreciate the responses to my Match offer, which will help the orthodontic specialty with its federal efforts this year,” said Dr. McCamish.

The AAO Political Action Committee (AAOPAC) was established in 1994 to assist the specialty of orthodontics with its presence in Washington, DC.  The AAOPAC is led by a Board of Directors that includes a representative of each AAO constituent organization.  The 2017-18 Board of Directors includes:

  • Dr. Kevin D. Horner, Chair (MSO)
  • Dr. Phillip J. Beckwith (COGA)
  • Dr. J. Richard Pfeffer (GLAO)
  • Dr. Massimo V. Verduci (MASO)
  • Dr. Philip M. Mansour (NESO)
  • Dr. Michael A. Feinberg (PCSO)
  • Dr. Morris L. Poole (RMSO)
  • Dr. Jennifer Edwards Butler (SAO)
  • Dr. Clark D. Colville (SWSO)
  • Dr. John D. Callahan (AAO Board Liaison)

For more information about the AAOPAC contact pac@aaortho.org.