As part of a collaboration with business analytics provider, Gaidge, after each calendar quarter and full calendar year the AAO receives and shares with members key metrics compiled from a subset of Gaidge client practices. This subset includes:

● More than 300 single-doctor practices under $1 million in quarterly productivity; and
● More than 200 multiple-doctor practices with up to 10 locations.

The purpose of the collaboration is to aid members with assessment of practice health, short-term and long-term goal-setting and other key practice processes.

Gaidge reports that first-quarter metrics from 2021 show across-the-board increases, many in double digits, as compared with 2020 Q1. It is important to note, however, that the latter period was missing 12 days of production (assuming a five-day work week) due to the early pandemic shutdown starting March 16, 2020. The missing production likely enhanced the difference between 2020 and 2021.

Highlights from the Q1 2021 Gaidge report include:

● Net production increased 21.7% in single-doctor practices and 27.9% in multi-doctor practices, as compared with Q1 2020.

● So far this year, net collection growth is not keeping pace with net production. Net collection increased 5.6% in single-doctor practices and 17.8% in multi-doctor practices. Related to the net collection metrics, receivables as a percentage of production increased 25.5% and 36.8% in comparison with Q1 2020. ● Total patient starts increased 17% for single-doctor practices and 33.4% for multi-doctor practices over Q1 2020.

● The increase in starts was driven heavily by clear aligner starts, which were up 44.6% and 50.0% in single-doctor and multi-doctor practices, respectively.

● Total patient exams were up 16.0% in single-doctor practices and 30.2% in multi-doctor practices, as compared with Q1 2020.

● Adult exams comprised a large portion of the exam growth from 2020 Q1 – 2021 Q1, increasing 32.6% in single-doctor practices and 42.7% in multi-doctor practices. Some degree of recovery in child exams may be underway, however, as they increased 8.2% in single-doctor practices and 22.9 percent in multi-doctor practices.

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