Participants in a recent meeting in St. Louis began the process of updating the AAO Strategic Plan. Those in attendance included representatives from the AAO Board of Trustees and councils, House delegation chairs, an orthodontic resident, a consultant, a manufacturer, a dental service organization representative and 10 at-large members (whose selection was based partly on diversity considerations), as directed by the House of Delegates. The Strategic Plan addresses critical issues facing AAO members and the association, and includes goals and actions to address the issues.

The 2017 AAO House of Delegates approved a new strategic planning process for the association, designed to broaden participation. The House called for a larger group of stakeholders to meet in person to ensure that the plan captures the diverse perspectives of members and others who influence orthodontics. In accordance with the House directive, the Global Strategic Planning Committee was formed.

The committee’s first planning meeting was facilitated by consultants from McKinley Advisors and included presentations of market research and data from AAO member surveys. Small-group discussions focused on examination of the AAO’s current mission, desirable strategic priorities for the AAO to pursue during the next few years, areas of opportunity, and goals and objectives necessary for future AAO success.

A short video filmed during the meeting includes comments from Global Strategic Planning Committee members including Dr. Brent Larson of Minneapolis, president-elect; Dr. Blair Struble of Bend, Oregon; Dr. Greg Jorgensen of Rancho Rio, New Mexico; and Dr. Sylvia Frazier-Bowers of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The committee members reflect on how the strategic planning process can serve orthodontic patients and the specialty effectively and ensure that the AAO’s future direction reflects the needs and priorities of members.

View the Strategic Planning Video