The AAO House of Delegates met virtually on May 1, considering numerous proposed resolutions. Among those adopted by the HOD were:

● To help provide financial relief to members during this challenging time, 2020-21 AAO dues invoicing will be delayed until August 3 (vs. the usual June 1 invoicing date). Dues rates* will be the same as those for 2019-20:

– Active (US): $793.00 (unchanged since 2013)
– Active (Canada): $634.40 (80 percent of U.S. active member dues)
– International: $396.50 (50 percent of U.S. active member dues)
– Student: $30

● The assessment** for North American members that funds the Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) will be reduced to $300 for 2020-21 (a $500 savings compared with last year’s assessment).

● In addition, the HOD approved a resolution calling for the addition of up to three at-large trustees to the AAO Board of Trustees. Consideration of at-large trustee candidates is in process and one or more new at-large trustees will be announced in June.

A comprehensive report including additional resolutions adopted by the 2020 HOD will be published later this month. Please watch your in-box for more information.

* Regarding the dues amounts listed, discounts are available to active academic and life active members, and to active members in their first four years of practice.

** Regarding the CAP assessment, discounts are also available to life active and active members in their first four years in their first four years in practice. Active academic members are exempt, as are international and student members.