As your professional association, the AAO is here for you during these challenging times. In turn, the AAO has made several changes to the 2020-21 (June 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021) membership renewal period to provide you with greater support and financial flexibility, while also allowing us to continue providing exceptional member value through professional advocacy, consumer awareness, and other dedicated programs and services. We hope you find relief and comfort in the following changes to your AAO membership renewal this year.

Changes to Your 2020-2021 Membership

Delayed Dues Invoicing

Rather than issuing membership dues invoices at the typical timeframe of late May/early June, invoices are being delayed approximately two months until early August. However, if you wish to renew your membership earlier, you may do so anytime online or by contacting the AAO Member Service Center at 314-993-1700 / 800-424-2841. The AAO membership year still runs from June 1 through May 31.

Dues + Assessment Reduction

During its virtual meeting on May 1st, the AAO House of Delegates determined that dues rates will remain unchanged for 2020-21 ($793 for full dues), while the consumer marketing fund (assessment) will decrease from $800 to $300.* For full-dues-paying U.S. members, this results in a savings of $500.

*Note: the consumer marketing fund does not apply to Active Academic, International, Service or Student members. Members who receive discounts on their dues and consumer marketing fund – including Life Active members, Canadian members and Active members in their first four years of membership – will continue to receive a percentage discount off the full dues and assessment amounts.

Three Percent ACH Discount

Members who pay their invoices using ACH (electronic bank account transfer) in lieu of credit card or check will receive an additional, one-time 3% discount on their AAO member dues and consumer marketing fund. For full-dues-paying members, this results in a savings of $32.79. Please note for online renewals, the 3% discount will be processed as a refund after your full payment is submitted.

Note: The ACH discount is available only to members who use a U.S.-based financial institution.

New Payment Installment Options

In addition to our traditional three- and six-month installment plan options, this year the AAO is offering up to nine monthly installments (for those who start their installments in August) through April 2021. An additional 1-2 installments may be added if you start your installments earlier. Please note that to make arrangements for dues installments, you must contact the AAO Member Service Center at 314-993-1700 / 800-424-2841. Installments cannot be selected during online renewal.

What’s Next?

No action is required on your renewal at this time, and you can expect to receive your official AAO dues invoice in early August 2020. We hope this allows you to dedicate more time and resources on your practice, team and patients. If you would like to renew your membership now, however, click here to renew online. You may also contact the AAO Member Service Center at 314-993-1700.