Just because you and your staff are stuck at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep the strong team vibe going that you worked so hard to build in the office. Consider doing some of the following things to build excitement for when you reopen.

1. Group text

Since you aren’t seeing each other every day, consider starting a group text with your staff. You can share memes, inside jokes, updates on your personal lives or anything to keep the team atmosphere alive and well.

2. Weekly virtual meetings

Put something on the calendar and stick to it. Whether it’s a conference call or video chat, your team will benefit from seeing their colleagues. Check out this list of free online conferencing resources we put together for you.

3. Remind staff they’re valued

Simple gestures can go a long way. Consider sending your staff $5 through Paypal or Venmo so they can treat themselves to a drive-through coffee, drop a candy bar off on their front porch or give them a shout out on your practice’s Facebook page. Let them know you appreciate them being a member of your team.

4. Encourage participation in online CE

Make a recommendation as to how much CE you’d like your team to complete while they are home and offer incentives to staff who complete it. Now is a wonderful time to get some extra training in at no cost! Take advantage of the free access the AAO is giving to all its members and their staff through April 30. Gain 24/7, convenient access to 500+ hours of CE and free Orthodontic Staff Club.

Though we’re not physically together, no one is alone. Staying connected will help get teams through this off-time and ready to start back up soon!