The AAO has formed an exclusive, joint endorsement agreement with electronic payment processing provider OrthoPayment, which specializes in integration with practice software, and Merchant Cost Consulting, a cost reduction firm that helps businesses reduce credit card processing fees without changing processors.

The AAO negotiated the endorsement agreement to provide unique value to AAO members via discounted services for functions that can substantially impact a practice’s bottom line.

Although OrthoPayment and Merchant Cost Consulting operate within the same industry, each company’s business model uniquely meets different needs that AAO members may experience at varying times in their practice life cycles. Members will be able to self-select the company that best meets their current needs. Under the endorsement arrangement with the AAO, OrthoPayment and Merchant Cost Consulting have agreed to support each AAO member customer’s best interest by referring members to each other, if the other firm’s service is better-suited to the customer’s needs.

About OrthoPayment

● Industry: Certified Credit Card/Merchant Services

How OrthoPayment Can Help Orthodontic Practices: If your merchant service vendor has raised its rates, failed to provide the customer service support your practice needs, and/or if you need technology upgrades and new point-of-sale portals, the OrthoPayment team will work with you to identify the best solutions for your practice.

As a specialist in serving dental and orthodontic practices in the United States and Canada, OrthoPayment has the breadth to deliver quality services at competitive rates while providing customer service based on strong orthodontic industry knowledge. OrthoPayment is unique within the merchant services industry with its ability to integrate with many orthodontic practice management software programs via the company’s proprietary bridge system.

The company’s customer service has been rated highly by current AAO members (orthodontists and practice staff).

AAO Member Discount: On average, OrthoPayment saves practices 18-20 percent in processing fees vs. their current payments. OrthoPayment offers each AAO member a complimentary analysis and a savings analysis plan. As part of the analysis, the member will be offered a flexible rate discount dependent upon overall volume of credit and debit card business.

New clients of OrthoPayment will receive:

  • A 2-year rate lock 
  • A $300 new client credit to be used on hardware, software or statement credit OR a new contactless payment device in response to COVID-19 and the need to accept payments in a safe approach.

Click here to access the OrthoPayment page for AAO members. 

About Merchant Cost Consulting

● Industry: Certified Credit Card/Merchant Services 

How Merchant Cost Consulting Can Help Orthodontic Practices: As a specialist in helping small businesses lower their credit card processing fees without having to switch processors, Merchant Cost Consulting provides time-savings and negotiation expertise in the effort to get the most competitive rates from credit card companies.

Merchant Cost Consulting audits customers’ current accounts, finds hidden surcharges, and negotiates new, lower rates. In addition, the company works with businesses to monitor credit card processing rates on an ongoing basis.

If you have been unsuccessful in renegotiating rates with your credit card company, or if you prefer not to change your point-of-sale systems at this time or cannot do so due to contractual reasons, Merchant Cost Consulting will work to reduce your costs.

Orthodontists and dentists make up 20 percent of Merchant Cost Consulting’s current revenue. The AAO’s reference checks of the company were positive, with client contacts citing good customer service, follow up, and noting that the renegotiations done on their behalf were fair. Several orthodontic practice managers shared an overall satisfaction that Merchant Cost Consulting can “speak the lingo” to the credit card companies to reduce complicated fees.

AAO Member Discount: Merchant Cost Consulting is performance-based, meaning that the company is paid only based on realized savings to clients. There is zero out of pocket costs to the client.

A monthly savings report shows what the client was paying before MCC was involved and what they are currently paying because of the renegotiation. The client pays MCC a percentage split of the savings. The percentage split is typically 50/50, but AAO members receive an additional 5 percent savings. That means the AAO member keeps 55 percent and MCC keeps 45 percent. With the AAO savings, if MCC can save the member $400, the member would keep $220 and MCC would send an invoice for $180. 

Savings depend on the vendor that the practice uses for processing and how much credit card volume they are processing monthly. MCC cites a 25-40 percent reduction in fees for many of its customers and often sees savings of $800 – $1,000 per month.

Click here to access the Merchant Cost Consulting page for AAO members.