In an effort to ensure that well-qualified speakers are not overlooked when Annual Session lecturers are selected, the AAO has launched a new webform for those wishing to be considered as speakers.
The application process is easy and accessible with the new online Application Form. Each year’s Planning Committee begins vetting speakers 18 months in advance of their respective Annual Session, and the program is finalized 12 months in advance. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2020 and 2021 Annual Sessions.
To complete the application, you will need your biography, Curriculum Vitae and list of speaking experiences, if any. Up to two references are encouraged. Please note that completion of the application does not guarantee a speaking opportunity.  Speaker review and selection are at the discretion of each year’s AAO Annual Session Planning Committee.  The AAO Annual Session provides a scholarly and supportive environment for the exchange of ideas. 
In 2018, the AAO’s House of Delegates created the Task Force on Women Orthodontists to explore ways that the AAO can better serve its women members.  One of the task force’s immediate goals is to increase the number of women speaking in the Doctor’s Scientific Program at Annual Session so that the entire program is more reflective of the AAO’s growing female demographic.

All members are eligible to use the speaker application webform. Dates and locations of the 2020 Annual Session and the 2021 Annual Session are included in the application.