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That the American Association of Orthodontists provides an award to a non-orthodontist, recognizing that person for the oustanding service to the specialty of orthodontics. This award will be called the Outstanding Contribution Award by a Non-Orthodontist. 

Nominations may come from the following sources:

  • Each constituent organization or WFO-affiliated organization may submit one nomination per year.
  • Any group of five or more American Association of Orthodontists’ members may submit a nomination.

Please follow these guidelines during your selection and nomination process:

  • The complete nomination must be submitted by March 31, 2024. No nomination will be considered if it is received after March 31.
  •  The letter of nomination is to include a description of the particular achievements of the nominee, a brief background statement supporting the nomination along with appropriate credentials and curriculum vitae.  
  • Each organization shall determine how its nominee is to be selected and need not limit itself to choosing only from its own membership.  
  • A formerly nominated individual may be re-nominated. Only current nominees or re-nominations will be among those considered for the award.

 Who may be nominated? Any non-orthodontist who has rendered distinguished service to the American Association of Orthodontists and to the specialty of orthodontics.

All nominations must remain confidential. Any announcement, disclosure or campaign on behalf of a nominee may disqualify that candidate for the year in which he or she is nominated.

The person must be a non-orthodontist, and may come from an allied health field, from the corporate environment or be a private individual.

A monetary award of $1,500 will be given to the recipient. In addition, recipients receive Round trip economy airfare for two plus basic ground transportation (i.e. taxi, UBERX, Lyft, etc.) between home/hotel/airports; Three nights for one hotel room at an AAO designated leadership hotel (direct billed to AAO); A total of $75 per diem (per individual) for three days to cover meals and incidental expenses and an invitation to the Leadership Appreciation Reception for you and up to 5 guests. 

Should the award recipient be deceased or disabled at the time of the Annual Session at which the award is to be presented, his/her spouse or next-of-kin will be entitled to and offered full remuneration as outlined above. The spouse or next-of-kin will also be offered the opportunity to accept the award on the recipient’s behalf.

An AAO committee of past presidents will select the recipient in 2024 for recognition at the 2025 Annual Session. The 2025 AAO Annual Session will be held in Philadelphia, PA.
Nominations should be submitted online. If you have questions, please contact
Lisa Chandler, [email protected] — verification of submissions

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