Parents of infants and young children will have a new amenity starting at the 2019 Annual Session, as the AAO introduces a “Mothers and Family Room” at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Visit Room 507 if you need a quiet, private area to nurse your baby or pump, or to attend to other needs of your young child.

The room will have space to store items such as diaper bags, and limited space for stroller storage. There will also be a limited supply of diapers, baby wipes, disinfectant wipes as well as three pack ‘n plays and a water cooler for refilling bottles.

Please note that babysitting services will not be provided in the Mothers and Family Room. Camp AAO, located in Room 308, is the Annual Session provider of daycare services.

The Mothers and Family Room will be available daily to attendees beginning Friday, May 3 at 7am.