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Research Awards, grants, and Fellowships

Supporting fellowship awards
and grant programs for students,
residents and faculty.

Over the years, the AAO has awarded annual grant funding to qualified applicants. 
Our dedication to building a strong pipeline of future educators advances the specialty of orthodontics
and emphasizes our members’ commitment to research and excellence in patient care.

The AAO believes in and supports orthodontic education and provides Fellowship funds to help reduce student debt by covering orthodontic program tuition and/or living expenses. Fellowship Awards are intended for those individuals who are preparing for or beginning a career in orthodontic education in the U.S. or Canada.

The 2022 Award cycle is OPEN. The deadline for the 2022 application submission is February 1, 2022. Click on Fellowship Application Process, create your account, and then access the portal for your application submission.

Available for those who are or will be enrolled in a CODA-accredited Craniofacial Anomalies and Special Care program to help defray tuition costs. This program supports educators focused on this important work.

The 2022 Award process is OPEN. The submission deadline is February 1, 2022.

The AAO has designated Academy for Advancing Leadership (AAL) as the official orthodontic education program for participant sponsorship. AAL provides consulting and professional and organizational development for institutions, faculty, and administrators. The ITL experience is a 4-day, onsite program to help participants achieve better student outcomes by refining their teaching skills and enhancing the quality of their interactions with students.

The 2022 Fellowship is OPEN. The deadline for submission is February 28, 2022.

CAAMP is a practical, interactive 3-day program that develops the core competencies required for effectively leading and managing an academic department or program. Assessments will provide insights about your personality, behaviors, prevalent leadership style, and conflict management skills. In addition, you will receive one-on-one career coaching with a CAAMP instructor. Devoted to helping you grow professionally and personally, CAAMP is appropriate for all new, current, and aspiring administrators, from program directors to deans.

The 2022 Fellowship is OPEN. The deadline for submission is February 28, 2022.

“I recommend this program to everyone who is starting to teach and is genuinely committed to dental education. It covers all the basic concepts of teaching in a very friendly and social setting. It’s a great opportunity to meet with colleagues and start networking as well.”
– Dr. Sercan Akyalcin,
Program Director,
Department of Orthodontics,
Tufts School of Dental Medicine

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