If last week’s eBulletin report on the new AAO environmental scan, The Patient Outlook, left you considering how to address patient expectations around online vs. in person experiences, AAO TechSelect can help. The Remote Monitoring section of the website includes rich resources for decision-making and implementation of remote monitoring options, where appropriate in treatment.

“Remote monitoring does not take the place of the orthodontist but is a tool to support
patient care in combination with in-person visits,” says AAO Committee on Technology
(CTECH) Chair Dr. Neal Kravitz, who believes some orthodontic patients can benefit
from remote monitoring. “Busy patients, of course, appreciate having a tech solution that helps make orthodontic treatment more convenient. From that standpoint there is a strong patient experience benefit with remote monitoring.”

Digital monitoring interaction with the patient can be at any frequency that the doctor considers appropriate and can include reminders about oral hygiene, aligner wear requirements or other tips to enhance treatment compliance.

“Studies have shown that other benefits include increased efficiency for doctors and team members,” says Dr. Kravitz. “The potential time savings of having fewer in-person patient visits can add up.”

TechSelect can help you with product selection and cost benefit analysis – and save you money on product purchases from leading suppliers of RM technology. Visit TechSelect to access:

Implementation Resources
Watch a video of a 2023 panel discussion on responsible remote monitoring implementation, hosted by Dr. Kravitz with panelists including Drs. Joshua Adcox, Mark Coreil and Neil Washawsky. The panelists are users of leading suppliers and AAO TechSelect partners Grin, DentalMonitoring and OrthoScreening.

Side-by-Side Product Comparisons
Evaluate products from the standpoint of the needs of your practice. In addition, view a video featuring Dr. Christian Groth,How to Evaluate Remote Monitoring Systems.”

Step-by-Step Guide to Remote Monitoring
Follow our easy workflow guide.

Financial Considerations
Consider details of the costs and benefits of remote monitoring.

To obtain AAO member discounts via TechSelect, simply select a product offering a discount on the TechSelect page and click on Add to My List.  A company representative will then follow up to help you conclude your purchase at the discounted price.

Learn More
During the 2024 Annual Session, on Sunday Morning, May 5, remote monitoring experts will present lectures in the Artificial Intelligence (Remote Monitoring) series for doctors and team members:

● Dr. Tara Gostovich – Improve Your Ability to “C.O.P.E.” with Remote Monitoring and Automation
● Dr. Mohamed Masoud – Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Remote Monitoring in Orthodontics: Fact vs. Fiction
● Dr. Bill Dischinger – Leveraging the Power of Virtual Monitoring to Enhance Patient Care and Efficiency
● Dr. Peter Miles – Remote Monitoring in Clear Aligner Therapy: Results of an RCT
● Dr. Negin Katebi – Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Remote Monitoring Applications in Combination with Clear Aligner Therapy