Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) introduced the RAISE Act, legislation initially drafted and promoted by the AAO, in the U.S. Senate on July 14th.  

"The Responsible Additions and Increases to Sustain Employee (RAISE) Health Benefits Act of 2015" (RAISE Act) would provide opportunities for American families to better manage healthcare costs, while also allowing them to save for future medical expenses.  

​If the RAISE Act becomes law, (1) the current $2,550 cap on patient FSAs (flexible spending accounts) would be increased to $5,000, (2) that new $5,000 cap could then be increased by another $500 for each employee dependent above two dependents, and (3) the yearly "use-it-or-lose-it" rule would be extinguished, allowing any unused FSA funds to be carried over into perpetuity.  Recognizing these benefits, the AAO had its federal lobbyist draft the Act and is now pleased to see its continuous progress in Congress.  

Currently, the House Bill has 76 sponsors and the AAO plans to work with the Organized Dentistry Coalition to also build a robust list of Senate co-sponsors to join Senator Ayotte (R-NH).