AAO student members can now be listed in “Find an Orthodontist” searches at the AAO consumer website, aaoinfo.org, upon submitting proof that they have successfully completed an orthodontic residency program.

The all-digital AAO Consumer Awareness Program drives those seeking information about orthodontics to aaoinfo.org, where they can access the “Find an Orthodontist” locator. In 2018 nearly 7.5 million consumers visited the AAO website.  More than 500,000 searches are conducted on the Find an Orthodontist locator each year by consumers looking for AAO orthodontists in their areas.

The locator exclusively lists AAO members and until recently, was restricted to active members. As a new member benefit, student members may also be listed after submitting proof of graduation. (After graduating from an orthodontic residency program, one may continue to hold an AAO student membership through May 31 of the following year, before converting to active membership.)

If you recently graduated from a residency program, to ensure you have a listing on the Find an Orthodontist locator, please:

  1. Send a copy of your orthodontic degree or certificate to [email protected].
  2. Make sure your office address and contact information are up-to-date in your AAO member profile at https://www2.aaoinfo.org > Member Center > My Profile. (Please note that your “Main” phone number and address will appear on the locator, so ensure that these are updated. If you include your practice website URL in your profile, it will also appear on the Find an Orthodontist locator and users will be able to click through to your website.)

In addition to your practice information, please check your AAO member profile to confirm all your contact information is current, including your current email address. This is important to ensure AAO communications are being received and to maximize the value of your membership.

AAO members in private practice (including associates and owners) as well as independent contractors and those employed by corporate dental groups are all encouraged to be listed on the orthodontist locator.