Register your team for the 2018 Annual Session and provide an intensive education for them in many key skills and knowledge aspects of each position.

Note that your team may be eligible for Annual Session registration discounts. An Orthodontic Staff Club member may be eligible for both of the following:
• Each AAO Orthodontic Staff Club member will receive a $25 registration discount for the 2018 Annual Session.  Membership dues are $50 per practice, covering an unlimited number of employees.
• All orthodontic staff are eligible for a 20 percent registration discount when four or more employees of the same doctor register by the Early Registration Deadline (April 6, 2018).

Orthodontic Staff Hands-On Sessions Provide State-of-the-Art Training

New orthodontic staff workshops at the 2018 Annual Session will include Barbara Brinker of Dolphin presenting, “Advanced Processing of CBCT Images,” and Cali Kaltschmidt and Dr. Christopher Riolo presenting, “Hands-on 3D Printing: From the Scanner to Your Hand.”

The workshops will be two of four ticketed, hands-on lectures for Orthodontic Staff on Friday, May 4 at the 2018 Annual Session. Each workshop is offered at 1 pm and again at 3 pm. Tickets for these limited-attendance workshops should be purchased in advance via Annual Session registration.

Advanced Processing of CBCT Images

The workshop will use Dolphin 3D to demonstrate advanced aspects of processing CBCT datasets. Ticket cost is $30. Participants will learn:

  • Techniques for rendering, orienting, and segmenting volumes and slices;
  • How to build accurate 2D radiographs from the 3D dataset including: lateral and frontal cephs, panoramic
  • images, cross sections, nerve canals, and TMJ slices (coronal, sagittal, circular);
  • Use of the measurement tools (2D and 3D) and 2D and 3D cephalometric analyses;
  • If time permits, overlaying and linking soft tissue bitmaps and digital study models.

NOTE: Participants may bring their own laptops with Dolphin Imaging 3D installed, or use a workshop computer. Optional: Bring a DICOM format patient file to load and use.

Hands-on 3D Printing: From the Scanner to your Hand

This workshop will bridge the gap between the intra-oral scanner and the 3D printer. Ticket cost is $30. Participants will:

  • Edit and print in 3D dental arches from intraoral scans;
  • Use Meshmixer to fill holes, trim models and create a base for the STL of their scanned dental arch;
  • Import and print their dental arches using one of a number of different 3D printers available at the workshop.

NOTE: Each participant must bring a laptop and download and install Meshmixer on the laptop before the workshop. Registered participants will be emailed a link to obtain Meshmixer in advance.

Popular returning hands-on programs will include:

  • Wire Bending for the Orthodontic Assistant,” by Dr. Douglas Depew (ticket cost $30);
  • “Patient Photography Made Easy,” by Rita Bauer (ticket cost $50; 1 pm session is sold out).