The AAO Consumer Awareness Program is the leading mass-market campaign promoting orthodontists as specialists and educating the public to see an AAO orthodontist. The CAP is consistently rated as one of the most important member benefits.

From June 1 through the end of September 2023, the CAP drove over 3.38 million people to the AAO consumer website, with over 7 million CAP video views and 5.3 million website pageviews. Consumers who visit the consumer website may access the Find an Orthodontist locator to locate nearby AAO member offices.

CAP’s mission is to:

● Empower consumers with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions about their orthodontic care.
● Position the AAO as the trusted source for orthodontic information and education.
● Drive traffic to the AAO consumer website and help people find qualified AAO orthodontists in their area.

CAP uses a digitally focused media campaign that includes a variety of tactics, such as paid search, display ads, paid social media, online video, influencers, and partnerships.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also a key component of the CAP. SEO helps increase online traffic via common search queries on platforms like Google, YouTube, Bing or Yahoo. The AAO SEO strategy includes identifying and regularly updating opportunities for commonly searched items, developing relevant content on the AAO consumer website,, that answers these queries, and establishing authority as an association of experts on orthodontics.

CAP Materials Are Available for Member Use in Marketing

As an AAO member, you have access to a variety of CAP materials to help you promote your practice. Here’s how CAP benefits you:

● Increased brand awareness: CAP helps people learn about the benefits of seeing an AAO orthodontist.
● More patients: CAP helps you attract more patients to your practice, in part via use of the AAO consumer website’s Find an Orthodontist locator.
● A stronger reputation: CAP positions orthodontists as specialists.

Get involved with CAP today to start experiencing the benefits. Click here to access CAP materials that are available to AAO members.