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Wharton-AAO MBO program

Want to know more? Hear from two doctors on their experiences taking the program.

audio courtesy of Orthodontic Products Podcast

Intro of the podcast

Dr. Idiculla – Why was this partnership developed?

Dr. Idiculla – Where were you in your career before starting the program?

Dr. Idiculla – How the program is run

Dr. Idiculla – What was it like taking this working full time?

Dr. Idiculla – Why the change to include office managers?

Dr. Idiculla – The faculty and instructors

Dr. Idiculla – What changes did you implement?

Dr. Idiculla – What support do enrollees receive?

Dr. Doyle – Where you were in your practice when you decided to enroll

Dr. Doyle – What topics did you find particularly valuable?

Dr. Doyle – The format of the course

Dr. Doyle – How did the program change your perspective as a small business owner?

Dr. Doyle – Things you want to implement

Dr. Doyle – Why do your peers need this program?

Final Thanks