Todd Blankenbecler, president and CEO of EasyRx, leads a company that offers orthodontists state-of-the-art tools to streamline and centralize digital workflow. In recognition of the company’s potential to significantly impact orthodontic practice operations, Mr. Blankenbecler will receive the 2020 AAO Ortho Innovator Award.

EasyRx products include a universal lab prescription management and tracking application; a fully integrated digital workflow platform for practices to submit cases, both physical and digital; and software for trimming, basing, and labeling STL files to prepare print-ready 3D files.

Traditional lab prescription workflow has been to submit cases using each lab’s prescription system. These systems vary greatly and may be based on email, fax, PDF, or web portal logins. There is often no way to track cases submitted to the lab. If a practice submits clear aligner, indirect bonding and custom bracket prescriptions to multiple labs, including their in-house lab, the staff must learn and manage multiple systems. The integrated approach offered by EasyRx helps orthodontic practices avoid inefficient and costly juggling of multiple systems to handle these tasks.

A veteran in the orthodontic software industry, Mr. Blankenbecler was a principle in Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions when Patterson Dental acquired Dolphin in 2008. He led the introduction of Dolphin Management to the orthodontic market.

In addition to Mr. Blankenbecler, EasyRx is led by Dr. Marc Lemchen, an orthodontist. Dr. Lemchen was the founder of Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions along with other orthodontic focused software companies, including V.COM and Oaktree Storage.

The AAO Ortho Innovator competition, now in its second year, is judged by the AAO Committee on Technology (C-TECH). The award is part of an ongoing effort to strategically support innovation among orthodontists and partners in the industry. C-TECH announced that several other companies were finalists for the 2020 award, including:

LightForce™ Orthodontics
● Startaloo
Precision Aligner Buttons™”
● Dentagrafix