The 2020 Annual Session will be Friday, May 1 – Monday, May 4 in Atlanta, Georgia. In conjunction with the new schedule being tested at this Annual Session:

Doctors Program lectures will begin on Friday at 1 pm and will conclude at the end of the day on Monday;
Orthodontic Team Program lectures will also start on Friday at 1 pm and will finish on Monday at mid-day.

Lecture series planned for the 2020 Annual Session will encompass many of today’s highest-interest topics for orthodontists such as mixed dentition treatment, treatment planning, finishing, evidence, craniofacial cases, aligner therapy, stability, facial esthetics and obstructive sleep apnea. Speaker names are listed on the 2020 lecture schedule, with many lecture titles also now available.

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Also New in 2020: The Hub
During the 2020 Annual Session, be sure to visit The Hub, where you may relax while learning in a comfortable lounge featuring remote access to all lectures via a screen for each presentation. Complimentary ear buds will be available to provide access to audio content.

Visit the 2020 Annual Session information page.

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