1. Thought leadership from University of Pennsylvania Wharton School professors. 
The Wharton professors in this program are world-renowned thought leaders, including Christian Terwiesch, Professor and Chair of Wharton’s Operations, Information, and Decisions department, Barbara E. Kahn, Wharton’s most acclaimed Professor of Marketing and Nancy Paige Rothbard, Wharton’s Deputy Dean and Professor of Management. 

2.  Financial acumen. 
Understanding the financials of your practice empowers you to assess performance objectively, make informed decisions, and proactively adapt to changing circumstances. You’ll learn how to analyze the three types of financial statements: balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement and how to build and manage a budget. 

3.  How to create and manage your team. 
Especially timely as so many practices are experiencing turnover. You will explore best practices for hiring and retaining employees and methodologies for giving and receiving feedback to get the most out of your team. 

4.  How to improve the productivity of your practice. 
Do you know where the bottlenecks are in your practice? You’ll learn how to optimize performance and service by understanding different types of inefficiencies, determining balance and flow for your practice, and using key performance indicators (KPIs) to create a framework to assess and optimize performance. 

5.  Patient-focused marketing strategies to drive growth. 
Are you attracting your ideal patients (and as many as you’d like) to your practice? You’ll learn how to craft an effective brand, develop strategies for successful marketing including market segmentation and positioning and how to craft a digital marketing strategy for patient acquisition. 

6. How to build an intentional culture. 
Is your practice’s culture supportive or detrimental to achieving your practice’s goals? You will explore how to analyze your practice’s culture and ways to align it with your purpose and objectives to improve employee engagement and business results. 

7. Effective integration of work and life. 
Are you leading the life you want? You’ll understand the leadership principles of being real, being whole, and being innovative, the skills needed for improving your performance as a leader in all parts of life, how to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and learn exercises for building your leadership capacity. 

8.  How to take action to improve. 
Two questions most often asked about the MBO program are: 1) Is the content relevant to me? and 2) What should I focus on first to improve? Whether you are an experienced orthodontist or just starting out, there is something actionable to learn and tools, including one developed by Dr. Bill Layman (AAO member and Wharton MBA), to help you prioritize and make improvements to your practice.” 

Check out reviews from your colleagues. You’ll see rave reviews from new orthodontists, mid-career orthodontists, and those who have been practicing for 20+ years. 

Ready to register? The last cohort in 2024 starts September 11.