The AAO will present the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award in Orthodontic Research during the 2018 Annual Session in Washington DC (May 4-8, 2018) to Dr. Lysle E. Johnston Jr.  Dr. Johnston will be given his award just prior to his lecture, “Envoi: A Walk on the Mild Side.”

“Dr. Johnston has had a profound influence on the orthodontic specialty in the United States and around the world through his research, teaching, publications, and presentations,” says Dr. Rolf Behrents, editor-in-chief of the AJO-DO.  “His lifelong devotion to the specialty has clearly shaped our present and helped design our future."

At the conclusion of Dr. Johnston’s presentation, the recipient of the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award for Orthodontic Research will be announced. Dr. Johnston will also be acknowledged at the Excellence in Orthodontics Award Luncheon.

Dr. William Proffit was the first award recipient (2017); Dr. Johnston is the recipient for 2018. 
Nominate a Colleague for the 2019 Award by March 31
Nominations for the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award in Orthodontic Research will be accepted at through March 31, 2018.
Any AAO member in good standing may submit a nomination for the research award. A nominee may be from the United States or from any other country and does not have to be an orthodontist. Once the winner of the award is determined, he or she will be invited to make a presentation at the 2019 Annual Session of the AAO in Los Angeles during the Doctors' portion of the program. 

Click here to view criteria for consideration for the research award, required nomination materials and to submit a nomination. There is also an option to show support for an individual who has already been nominated.
Please direct questions to Dr. Behrents at

About the Lifetime Achievement Award in Orthodontic Research
“Over the history of the specialty of orthodontics there have been a number of uncommon individuals who have devoted their entire careers toward the pursuit of research and discovery and each, in their own way, advanced the basic or clinical sciences associated with orthodontics,” says Dr. Behrents. “Names such as Angle, Case, Hellman, Broadbent, Sicher, Tweed, Brodie, Krogman, Bjork, Harvold, Moorees, Graber, Moyers, Ricketts, Sassouni, and many others come to mind. Such individuals conducted important investigations and made significant contributions to orthodontics. At the culmination of their careers some were honored in various ways, but many simply faded away without recognition or ceremony.  In an attempt to recognize those individuals who have made significant contributions to the science related to the specialty of orthodontics over the course of their lifetimes, the AAO established the Lifetime Achievement Award in Orthodontic Research.”