On May 19, 2020, the AAO joined other dental groups to send a letter to House and Senate Leaders, as well as the Chairs of the House Financial Services Committee and Senate Banking committees, requesting the inclusion of provisions to enhance commercial business interruption insurance policies in the next legislative package related to COVID-19 crisis relief. You can view the letter here.

Many dental practices that hold business interruption insurance have recently learned that their policies do not cover government-ordered business shutdowns caused by a national emergency or viral pandemics. Proposals such as H.R. 6494, the Business Interruption Insurance Coverage Act, could offer businesses the option to address damaging gaps in coverage and bolster our country’s economic resilience during future crises. The letter asks that Congress consider providing an immediate support mechanism to help businesses currently left behind by shutdown or viral-related exclusions in business interruption insurance policies. The letter also asks Congress to build on successful models to require insurers to offer market-oriented solutions for shutdown or viral-related business interruption insurance coverage that are guaranteed with some kind of federal partnership, trust fund or backstop.

The AAO will continue to monitor federal and state regulatory and legislative activity concerning COVID-19-related issues and will continue to advocate on behalf of its members on these issues.