AAO Advocacy and AAOPAC continue to grow and succeed, thanks to AAO member grassroots engagement. The AAO Advocacy and AAOPAC Q3 Dashboard (December 2023 through February 2024) includes updates on the AAO Political Action Committee as well as advocacy at the federal and state/province levels. The dashboard also looks at media advocacy and grassroots efforts.

A highlight of the dashboard is that 1,250 record-breaking grassroots actions were taken by AAO members in the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2024, to support AAO priorities at the federal and state levels. There were more grassroots actions taken by AAO members than in any quarter since grassroots actions have been tracked.

The dashboard details AAOPAC goals and opportunities to make a gift at AAOPAC.org to celebrate the PAC’s 30th anniversary in 2024.  New giving levels and associated benefits offer eligible members unique opportunities this year, including special events and full access to the AAOPAC lounge in New Orleans during the 2024 Annual Session. You can read about these opportunities and more:
Click Here to View the AAO Advocacy and AAOPAC Q3 Dashboard

Additionally, the February-March issue of the Orthodontic Advocate publication has been mailed to AAO members with U.S. postal addresses.  It features in-depth stories about AAO advocacy efforts, showcases National Advocacy Network (NAN) leaders, and recognizes by name all AAOPAC contributors in 2023.

Click here to view your digital copy of the Orthodontic Advocate and learn more about the extensive advocacy work being done by AAO and with AAO members, supported by the strength of AAOPAC.